Contest for the festival of animated memories of Novi Sad – VREMEPLOV (Time machine)

On the occasion of the Festival of animated memories of Novi Sad – VREMEPLOV,   the Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA announces a contest for photos from personal albums!

Dear citizens, we invite you to participate in the competition and send us photos, and we will bring them to life for you! Yes, you have heard well, your photos will come to life, and you can also find yourself in them and walk through the past within that recorded moment you keep in your family albums. Your photo will revive and become much more than your personal archive, it will become part of the digital collection available to everyone and preserved from oblivion. Help us preserve the tradition and culture of Novi Sad, which you are part of, and do not miss the opportunity to save memories.

Be part of the VREMEPLOV Festival, which will be held every second Saturday in September in Novi Sad.

Prepare the old items that your grandmothers loved as you will have the opportunity to show them or even sell them on the Vintage Bazaar  during the VREMEPLOV.

The Vintage Bazaar will also be posted online at by the end of the year.


The theme of the contest is Dunavska Street, Novi Sad.

stara dunavska ulica novi sad


This year’s theme of the VREMEPLOV is Dunavska Street, but if you do not have photos related to this location, please send us other photos related to Novi Sad that will be considered for some future Festival Editions.

Registration is done through our online entry forms that you can fill in at and it is completely free, you do not have any expenses to the Organizer.

If you do not have the opportunity to electronically send us a scanned photo, please contact us via email: konkurs.vremeplov(at)

or via facebook and we will find another solution together.


VREMEPLOV – Festival of animated memories of Novi Sad

Vremeplovis a Festival of culture-historical and personal memories of Novi Sad, presented from different artistic and cultural aspects through the latest media forms, but with the introduction and use of the forgotten ones.

Innovative, interactive, hypnotic project Vremeplov includes citizens in the Festival that is based on a mix of different media and artistic disciplines: cinemagraph, photography, video, cartoon, design, performance, play, architecture, comics, fashion, music …

VREMEPLOV program will include the exhibition of the cinemagraph’s of Novi Sad on large screens or projectors, QR codes posted throughout the City of Novi Sad, presentation of educational JupiJE short video forms about Novi Sad, video and photo recording of the citizens in front of a special canvas (Chroma key) in order to become part of the revived old photos, forgotten games for children: lastiš, između dve vatre, kolariću paniću and so forth, costume party with music from the twenties to the nineties of the last century, vintage bazaar

During the year, Vremeplov will live on the Internet

VREMEPLOV is an author’s and independent project of Ivana Sremčević Matijević which will be implemented this year in the production and organization of the Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA.