Vremeplov, history of Novi Sad and the World

Through the innovative, interactive and hypnotic project VREMEPLOV, the history of Novi Sad and the whole World is experienced in a unique and unforgettable way. Take a look at beautiful cinemagraphs, short video forms about Novi Sad and vintage photography from all over the World. The history of Novi Sad and the whole World can be traced on Vremeplov’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vremeplov.in.rs/

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About the Festival

The Vremeplov Festival will be held in September in Novi Sad in the afternoon and evening organized and produced by the Video Art Association Videomedeja.

The Vremeplov is intended for visitors of all ages. This is a Festival of cultural, historical and personal memories of Novi Sad, presented from a different artistic and cultural point of view. Each festival edition has a specific topic related to vintage Novi Sad.

The Vremeplov Festival includes citizens in a festival that is based on a mix of different media and artistic disciplines. These are: photography, video, audio, animation, cinemagraph, collage, performance, games, architecture, book.

Read more about the Festival HERE

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About portal Vremeplov

Creating a large database of archive video and photo material through Vremeplov revives the history of Novi Sad. There is also a section dedicated to world trends and history, but only with the most interesting records that are more than 70 years old.

The dedication to collecting videos and photos as well as uploading them to the internet will preserve history in modern digital form. Such a journey through time through visualization will leave a sure mark in memory, especially young people and children who through stories cannot imagine and remember our history and tradition because they were born in the age of visual media and were taught to remember through pictures.

Preserving spiritual and material culture through the development of online photo and video galleries.

On the Vremeplov website, visitors can get acquainted with interesting historical or personal photos and videos from ancient times, travel through time and watch a video of the first mobile phone from 1922, amazing old pictures, vintage photos or historical footage from around the World, old commercials from ex YU, the traditional hand embroidery that used to hang above every stove, as well as how Novi Sad once looked like.

Follow our Facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/vremeplov.in.rs/ and be the first to know and learn about new vintage material, customs and events.

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