CONTEST for VREMEPLOV – festival of animated memories
(hereinafter “the Regulations”)



Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA,


The Selection Committee will make the final selection of Photography no later than September 1st of the current year and will notify you immediately after the decision is made through a mailing list where you are automatically subscribed with the submission of the Entry form. If you do not want to receive our email after notification of the results of the competition, click UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the message in the email and you will be deleted from the mailing list and you will no longer receive notifications.


The main theme of the contest is Novi Sad.

There are no fixed criteria in terms of theme and form unless otherwise indicated, except that the photo should show Novi Sad or its parts. The selection committee will not consider only photographs containing offensive or aggressive messages or content.


Submitting via our online Entry form at is completely free of charge, you do not have any costs to the Organizer.


The right to participate in the contest have all adult persons who accept and fulfill all the conditions and requirements prescribed by this Regulations.


Entry form is on line and available on the portal: Entry form is integral part of this Regulations.

Each participant guarantees and is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal data listed and sent to the Organizer in the Entry form.

You can send as much photo’s you wish, the number of photos is not limited, but you can send only one photo in one Entry form.

Each Entry form is a specific contract, so it is necessary to respect the propositions of the application process for the festival. By submitting the Entry form, you automatically accept this Regulations, and in this way, you agree and sign this Agreement.


Your photo can be added (UPLOAD) exclusively through the Entry form.

Please note that the photos should be of the best quality, scanned or professionally digitally photographed without light reflection, in an electronic format (JPG, PNG or GIF)

If you do not have the opportunity to send us a scanned photo electronically, please contact us via email: konkurs.vremeplov(at)

or via facebook and we will together find another solution.

The organizer reserves the right to accept or reject a photograph based on whether it meets the given criteria and conditions, without providing any further explanation or notification to the Participant.

Photographs submitted by the participants to the Organizer must not:

  • In no way violates copyrights and / or other rights of any third party;
  • contain offensive, sexually explicit, discriminatory, violent or other inappropriate content;
  • be contrary to positive law, public order or generally accepted moral principles.

Photos over 70 years old are not subject to the copyright law.

By submitting your photo for the festival program VREMEPLOV, you declare:

  • The applicant guarantees under full material and criminal responsibility that he/she is the sole and exclusive copyright holder (moral and property) in the photographs submitted to the Organizer through the Entry form, and that the same photographs do not in any way violate any rights of third parties.
  • By submitting the Entry form, the Applicant accepts all the provisions prescribed by this Regulations and gives his unconditional and irrevocable agreement to the Organizer to use and publish the submitted photos in the manner provided for in this Regulations on the assignment of copyrights.
  • The Applicant accepts that the submitted photo remains in the Archive of the Vremeplov Festival and that the photograph can be used in various forms (printed, electronic, in video, on the film, in various media etc.)
  • The applicant accepts to transfer the entire copyright right to the Organizer, as well as in all parts of the photography that he applies to the contest, for the purpose and use only in the project Vremeplov.
  • The applicant authorizes the team of the VREMEPLOV festival and the Organizer that they can make any changes (replenishment, deletion, optimization or adjustments) in the subject of copyright on the submitted photo, as well as that it can be distributed unlimitedly without compensation, as well as that it can exploit the photograph economically, without any further questions, consent or compensation to the Applicant, and only in the context of the project Vremeplov.
  • The applicant grants permission to Vremeplov organizers to reproduce, publish, and / or exhibit photographs in various media within the Vremeplov Festival, and to publish their photos on the Internet.
  • The organizer reserves the right to use the photographs that are the subject of this competition outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia without any space restrictions and time limitations.
  • The organizer of the exhibition does not take responsibility for any abuse of copyright.
  • It is permitted to the author of Vremeplov or the Organizer to  edit the submitted photographs  in any chosen way in order to create a new Author’s work for the needs of the project Vremeplov.
  • Any corrections to be made in the submitted Photo’s shall be deemed to be the Authors’ Work of the Vremeplov and hereinafter referred to as: Newly Created Photos.

The newly created photos are created by the Photographs submitted by the Applicant and these newly created photographs become solely the property of the Organizer and the authors of the Project Vremeplov, who in this case are legally protected by the Organizer.


By adopting this Regulations, each applicant accepts that his personal information communicated to the Organizer shall be made available to the Organizer for the purposes of the realization of this Contest and in accordance with this Regulations. The organizer undertakes to use the collected personal data of the participants in the Contest exclusively for the purpose of realization of this Contest.

The Organizer declares that the personal information presented by the participants will not be made available to third parties or otherwise be used, except for the needs of the project Vremeplov.

An exception to this obligation is the submission of personal data by the Organizer to the competent state authorities, if such obligation is prescribed by law or other positive law, and in all other cases, with the explicit consent of the person to whom the data relate.


The organizer will not be liable for unauthorized and unauthorized delivering photos of participants in the Contest by third parties, nor for any violation of the rights of the participants in the Contest by third parties.

Persons who have disclosed inaccurate, incomplete or alien information or otherwise violated the rights of third parties, owners of these data or the holder of intellectual property rights in the said part, exclusively  and personally answer for such misuse of data or violation of rights, while the Organizer will not be liable for in such a case, in no way and under any circumstances.

The Organizer assumes no responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties by any participant in the Contest. In the event that it appears that the copyright holder or industrial property right or any other right in the photographs is any other person, and not the participant who reported the photo on the Contest, or in case the participant in the Contest abused or violated someone else’s rights, the participant of the Contest is obliged to take full responsibility for such a violation and that all requests to the Organizer will be eliminated, regulated and resolved as soon as possible, and that will protect the Organizer with all possible means from all possible rights or pretensions of all third parties in connection with the submitted photographs and that the Organizer will be fully indemnify for the total damage, lost profits and all expenses incurred by the Organizer in connection with that violation of the rights of third parties.

In case of a dispute between the Organizer and the participants in the Contest, competent is the court in Novi Sad.

By submitting the Entry form, the applicant shall be deemed to have fully accepted all the provisions envisaged by this Regulations.