Portal and Festival of animated memories of the City of Novi Sad

Festival of Animated Memories

The Vremeplov is the Portal and Festival of Animated Memories of Novi Sad. The festival will be held in September in Novi Sad in the afternoon and evening, organized and produced by the Video Arts Association Videomedeja.

The Vremeplov is intended for visitors of all ages. It is a Festival of cultural, historical and personal memories of Novi Sad, presented from a different artistic and cultural point of view through the form of the latest media but with the introduction and use of forgotten forms. Each festival edition has a specific topic related to vintage Novi Sad.

The innovative, interactive, hypnotic project Vremeplov involves citizens in the Festival, which is based on a mix of different media and artistic disciplines. These are: cinemagraph, film, video, animation, photography, sound, design, performance, game, architecture, comic, fashion, music, book.

The program and activities of the Vremeplov Festival

CINEMAGRAPHS – revived old photos of the city of Novi Sad, through the latest hypnotic media (animated old photos, cinemagraphs, motion of the old photographs, etc.), on screens or projectors or on mobile phones by scanning QR codes.

cinemographs would include old photographs that would be scanned, restored, retouched and processed in a manner that was necessary depending on the condition of the photograph
old photos would be added animated elements, separate animations would be created, which would be inserted into editing into photos or parts of the photo would be used for animations, etc. depending on the concept of the author
the old photos would also have special effects in the footage
some old photos would be inserted by visitors who were filmed on the Chroma key at the Festival and would thus become part of the newly created photo or video. ie. animation, cinemagraph

SCREENINGS – educational JupiJE short video forms about Novi Sad + film Vremeplov (old archival films)

films about phenomenal and surprising facts, memories and interesting facts about Novi Sad
uplifting education and important information through entertainment and the most attractive medium-VIDEO
in a cunning and fun way JupiJE short video forms impose knowledge and culture on every ordinary citizen, raise the level of technological awareness and develop an interest in progress
also intended for schools to facilitate the adoption and spread of culture and education
use of JupiJE short video forms in education for innovative pedagogy, thus closing the gap between teaching and students and facilitating learning

FILMING CITIZENS – In front of a special canvas (Chroma key), the project unusually and innovatively involves citizens becoming part of the artwork itself and of old Novi Sad.

citizens would be filmed in front of the green screen at certain hours and with the help of a cameraman. In editing studio, they would become part of that Photo or Video itself
the written consent of the participants would be sought to agree that these recordings where they participate should be processed, made public, become and remain part of the online gallery and archive project
these videos or photos would become part of the Vremeplov online platform as a digital gallery
citizens would be electronically sent a newly created work in which they are actors and thus newly created records would also become part of personal archives

SIGRARIJE – fun and forgotten games for kids (but also adults who feel that way)

In addition to contemporary forms, during the Festival, will be organized fun games for children that were used to be played in these regions.
games that the children would learn and learn about: lastiš, kolariću paniću, između dve vatre, trule kobile, šuge, preskakanje konopca, šareno jaje, fote, partizani i nemci, etc.
many kids don’t play those games anymore, they haven’t even heard of them, so the kids would be explained the rules and they would be given a video tutorial to get to know them and learn those games more easily
we would invite children 4-15 year old and their parents, and we would especially invite and involve elementary schools in the neighborhood to master the games and to keep the tradition going
parents would be invited to take an active part in remembering their childhood with telling stories to their children, but also in demonstrating and transferring their playing skills
a traditional Novi Sad snack or snacks would be served during the break

QUIZ – The content of the question would be related to the culture, history, curiosities and stories of Novi Sad

involving citizens who are not consumers of cultural and artistic events in thinking about the culture and lifestyle of Novi Sad through a fun form of quiz
questions with offered answers, where participants should choose the correct answer
questions without offered answers where participants should respond
TIME MACHINE OF SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL CULTURE – getting to know material culture and the environment

recitations and reading or telling stories
wonderful, open conversations and memories of citizens to preserve jargon, norms of behavior, means of communication, religion, knowledge, upbringing and education, arts, ideologies, habits, customs, etc.
music would be played
masquerade – citizens would be invited to come dressed as they used to be in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties (the nineties would be avoided for ignorance and non-culture)
the citizens would be presented with photographs through the web portals of the fashion in the city in what period, in order to facilitate their preparation for masquerade, and thus to get acquainted with one cultural period in our city through fashion.
the costumed would walk through the city and thus fully evoke and revive old Novi Sad

Novi Sad will revive and become part of the cultural digital heritage and online galleries. Through the latest hypnotic medium – CINEMAGRAPH, on the exibition during the festival, the spirit of the city will be displayed through a different video form ie. through revived, animated old photos on large screens or projectors.

Ø Photo submissions at: https://vremeplov.in.rs/konkurs/

Ø Application for volunteering at the Vremeplov festival: https://vremeplov.in.rs/volonteri/

Ø Facebook Event 2. Vremeplov: https://www.facebook.com/events/735059633658604/

Admission to the festival is free because it is necessary to understand the importance of educating young people in the fields of culture, history, art and new media because they are the future of our children and the community.

We welcome you with a smile, food for the soul as well as body 🙂

About Portal Vremeplov festival of animated memories

Creating a large database of archive video and photo material about Novi Sad, but also partly dedicated to world trends and history, but only the most interesting records that are more than 70 years old.

The dedication to researching and collecting videos and photos as well as uploading them to the Internet will preserve the history in modern digital form and bring it closer to the citizens through the most modern and widespread internet medium. Such a journey through time through visualization will leave a sure footprint in memory, especially young people and children who through stories cannot imagine and remember our history and traditions because they were born in the age of visual media and were taught to remember through images.

Preserving spiritual and material culture through the development of online photo and video galleries.

On the Vremeplov website, visitors can get acquainted with interesting historical or personal photographs and videos from ancient times, travel through time and watch a video of the first mobile phone from 1922, amazing old pictures, vintage photos or historical footage from around the world, old commercials from ex YU, the traditional hand embroidery that used to hang above every stove, as well as what Novi Sad once looked like.

Follow our Facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/vremeplov.in.rs/ and be the first to know and learn about new vintage material, customs and events.

Become a part of Vremeplov and Cultural Heritage of Novi Sad

If you are interested in becoming involved in contributing to the preservation of history and personal memories of Novi Sad and becoming our associate, partner, sponsor, participant in the Festival or your own way, please contact us at festivalvremeplov(at)gmail.com

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The significance and goals of the festival of animated memories

In an interactive and engaging way, the Festival of Animated Memories promotes creativity, originality, the importance of education and cultural heritage.
The Festival of Animated Memories would be repeated every year to engage and educate as many children and young people as possible. The goal is to preserve their culture, history and cultural heritage in a contemporary way in the times they live
The value of memories, the history of the city of Novi Sad and the creation of a personal family tree would become an important part of our culture
By preserving the world’s cultural diversity, we maintain and develop cultural diversity and human creativity.
Understanding the cultural heritage of different communities, reflecting on culture, history and lifestyles and critically re-examining one’s own environment facilitates intercultural dialogue and fosters mutual respect for other lifestyles.
The significance of this cultural event and the portal is reflected in the cultural manifestation itself. But also in the wealth of knowledge and skills passed down through generations and new media.
When a custom is not practiced or maintained, it ceases to be part of the cultural heritage. At the same time, Vremeplov contributes to identifying, protecting and preserving cultural heritage and fostering a sense of pride among communities.
Vremeplov festival of animated memories is a combination of new and old customs through socialization and various forms of expression.

About the contest

Dear citizens, we invite you to participate in the contest and send us photos, and we will bring them to life for you! Yes, you heard it right, your photos will come to life, and you too can find yourself in them and walking through past time. Like through that recorded moment that you keep in your family albums. Your photography will come to life and become much more than your personal archive. It will become part of a digital collection accessible to all and preserved from oblivion. Help us to preserve the tradition and culture of Novi Sad of which you are a part and do not miss the opportunity to preserve your memories.

Be a part of the Vremeplov Festival.

Also store old items loved by your grandparents as you will have the opportunity to show them off or even sell them on the vintage stock market during Vremeplov.

The contest is open year-round.

Theme of the 2. Vremeplov and Contests is Danube Street, Novi Sad.

This year’s theme of the Vremeplov is Danube Street. If you do not have any photos related to this street, please send us other photos related to Novi Sad. These will be considered for future Festival editions.

Registration is done through our online applications, which you can fill out at: https://vremeplov.in.rs/konkurs/ This is completely free of charge, that is, you have no costs to the Organizer.

If you do not have the ability to electronically send us the scanned photo, please contact us by email: konkurs.vremeplov(at)gmail.com or via facebook https://www.facebook.com/vremeplov.in.rs/ and we will find another solution together .

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Vremeplov is an author and independent project of Ivana Sremčević Matijević, which is realized in the production and organization of the  Video Art Association VIDEOMEDEJA.

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About the Cinemagraph:


At the intersection between photography, art and cinema, Cinemagraph was created.

Cinemagraph combines photography and video to create a unique and engaging visual experience. Cinemagraph’s are photographs in which a small and repetitive motion occurs that forms a video clip. They are posted as animated GIFs or other video formats and may present the illusion that the viewer is watching the animation.

Cinemagraph’s are made from a series of photos or videos and using image editing and video editing software. They compose photos or video frames into an infinite loop of sequential frames. This is done in such a way that the movement in the part of the subject between expositions is perceived as repetitive or continuous movement, as opposed to the stillness of the rest of the image.

Cinemagraph’s have been used for major ad campaigns, but they do very well on both social media and new art.

The term “Cinemagraph” was coined by American photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck in early 2011. They used this technique to add more artistic elements to their fashion photos.

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